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Hydrobranding – known as HydroB - is a wholesale designer and developer of custom hydrographic films that are made available at a price you can afford. HydroB has changed the paradigm in the hydrographics (film dipping) industry by streamlining the custom development process to weeks versus months. We're not only faster, but we're more affordable! Our film specialist team is dedicated to providing an efficient and inexpensive film development process so you can easily customize your hydro transfer film designs and obtain them at a great price.

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Our Approach

HydroB is changing the liquid film industry one meter at a time. Quality, service, flexibility and on time delivery separate us from the rest. HydroB has heard the concerns of the industry players – too expensive, too slow, and ridiculous minimum orders for custom films. We have built a business that answers your questions and concerns. Hydrobranding is your source in film supply.

Out team of film specialists are ready to assist you with all your water transfer film needs. Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from working with HydroB.

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Custom Patterns

Pattern development is a marketing tool that allows you to connect with your customer on an individual basis. For too long the hydrographics industry has been built around the idea that β€œone size fits all.” HydroB realizes that your customers are individuals and you need to connect with them by offering unique looks that are updated regularly.

We understand the need and have developed the tools to cost effectively develop brand specific patterns for you with short lead times.

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Custom Pattern

Film Benefits

Marketing is the bridge between manufacturing and successful sales. To leverage your brand identity, customized hydrographic films are a powerful tool. Through our proprietary design concepts, you can create multiple hydrographic patterns from a single design. This design continuity supports the brand development efforts while the color customization allows for you to connect with your customers.

Chris and the team welcome the opportunity to work with you on maximizing your brand development efforts with hydrographic films.

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Film Benefits

About Hydrobranding

Chris Clauson and his staff of dedicated employees have over 20 years of Hydrographic industry experience. Our innovative approach to designing and developing hydrographic film is changing how smart hydrographic printers better meet the needs of their clients while increasing their bottom line. HydroB has worked with companies from all over the world and we're excited to help simplify how you obtain your Hydrographic films - all at a lower cost than what you're currently paying.

Contact us today to understand our stock film offerings or to learn about our low cost custom film development capabilities.

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About Hydrobranding

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